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We have been canning our homemade Salsa and Sauces for friends and family since 1986 and it grew into a demanding business. We use locally grown vegetables picked fresh in Colorado to bring you the best salsas and other tasty treats you won’t find anywhere else.
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What our customers say:

Peggy Wheatland, WY

The Cherry Bomb Mild Salsa is incredible! Perfect for those who want taste but not hot taste!!! I added it to a barbeque pork loin chop yesterday, and Walla!!! Superb! So to those who are looking for something different!, this is perfect!

Diane Estes Park, CO

A friend of mine told me to pour the Cherry Bomb Salsa over a pork tenderloin and bake until done. WOW. It was the bomb! The sweet yet distinct salsa taste complimented the pork loin better than any recipe I have tasted in a long time.  

Dave Greeley, CO

Great website!

Ann from Vancouver, WA

Vancouver loves Gumbies!

Jessica Greeley, CO

Its awesome salsa…that you won’t find anywhere else….

Jeff Greeley, CO

Nothing like eggs and Gumbies’ El Nino to start the day!

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