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Gumbies Goodies Gluten Free, All Natural Salsas and Sauce. Jeff started canning his garden made salsa and sauce for friends & family since 1986. It grew into a demanding business. Gumbies was honored to be in the Top 25 CO Made New Businesses  2014.

We use seasonal, locally grown vegetables picked fresh in Colorado and are a CO Proud Company year round to bring you the best salsas and other tasty treats you won’t find anywhere else. The proof is in the taste!

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Jax Merchantile Loveland Colorado Featuring Gumbies Goodies
Earls Colorado Sells Gumbies Goodies Natural Salsa and Sauces made with the freshest ingredients Gluten Free

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Gumbies Salsas and Sauce

Gumbies Briefs

Gumbies’ Goodies Natural Salsa and Sauce

Did you know that Jeff has been organic gardening for over 30 years? He has been growing his beautiful produce to sell throughout Colorado at Farmers’ Markets. That great garden is too little to provide produce for Gumbies’ Salsa & Sauce, so he uses local farms seasonally and CO Proud Businesses year round! Gumbies’ Tastins’…

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New Businesses December Events & Tastins’

With the holidays fast approaching, make sure you have all of your Gumbies’ Holiday Tastins’ this time of year or come out to see us in several locations. Did  you know that Gumbies has wonderful new locations? Buena Vista Lettucehead Food Company Edwards Eat! Drink! Fort Collins Albertsons Thornton Albertsons Windsor Memory Lane Antiques Gumbies…

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Gumbies Goodies Events

Gumbies’ Goodies are Top 25 CO Made New Businesses (Edible Aspen Magazine Winter 2014), Colorado Proud, Local, All Natural, No Additives, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Lower Sodium, Lower Sugar (half the sugar & sodium of most) Salsa & Sauce. Jeff, the original “Gumbie”, has been perfecting his fresh produce recipes for over 28 years. Jeff & Karin were awarded Kerr Institute Food Processing Certificates in 2010, becoming a top class small business. Our passion for a happy marriage of fun filled happenin’s & best quality products makes for a highly successful start of a great new business. The proof is in the taste!

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