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Gumbies Goodies Gluten Free, All Natural Salsas and Sauce. Jeff started canning his garden made salsa and sauce for friends & family since 1986. It grew into a demanding business. Gumbies was honored to be in the Top 25 CO Made New Businesses  2014.

We use seasonal, locally grown vegetables picked fresh in Colorado and are a CO Proud Company year round to bring you the best salsas and other tasty treats you won’t find anywhere else. The proof is in the taste!

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Albertsons sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Walgreens carries gumbies Goodies Salsa and Sauces Colorado
Natural Grocers sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Natural Grocers sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Natural Grocers sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Jax Mercantile Loveland Colorado Featuring Gumbies Goodies
Ace Hardware sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Natural Grocers sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa
Maztech Automotive Colorado Sells Gumbies Goodies Natural Salsa and Sauces made with the freshest ingredients Gluten Free
Natural Grocers sells Gumbies Goodies all Natural Salsa

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Gumbies Salsas and Sauce

Gumbies Briefs

4th of July

Located right by the beautiful Lake Dillon, the Dillon Farmers Market has hosted Gumbies for 4 terrific seasons. It’s a great place to visit and enjoy the 4th of July Fireworks. There’s a wonderful amphitheater with free Friday Concerts under the stars. Gumbies has grown with amazing customers there, both local and worldwide. They all agree…

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New Location

Gumbies are excited to add a terrific new location at Wheat Ridge Natural Grocers! It’s a wonderful store that has a great variety of products just for your wellness. An up and coming event looks like a can’t miss time: ARE YOU AND YOUR BIKE ROAD READY? Get Ready for the Season! JUN THU 04…

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Gumbies’ Salsa Adventure

The Gumbies recently visited the wonderful Rocky Mountain National Park  to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Of course, we were excited thinking of the terrific wildlife sightings we would have. We imagined regal Elk, jumping Mule Deer and fleeting Mountain Goats. so, were we surprised to have our one special sighting of a Wild Tom Turkey in…

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